Ukraine Under Fire: A Film about War and Resilience


It was an honor to moderate the V.I.P. pre-screening of a new documentary film while sharing the stage with Jordan Campbell, Director of Ukraine Under Fire, and Michael Herbener, the film’s Editor.

A film about war and resilience, Ukraine Under Fire is a documentary project of the COMMON Foundation produced by Ramro Global in association with Docufilms.

Last night was the pre-screening in Boulder, Colorado. It was the first time the film had been shown on the big screen. Collaborating with creatives while supporting and promoting the film as they work toward the final cut is a privilege.

The best part of the evening was listening to the audience after the film was shown.

I enjoyed hearing the emotional impact and the audience’s thoughts about what worked well and what didn’t. Jordan and Michael listened intently to every word, as did I.

Connect with Jordan or me to support the film, get involved, or donate. You can learn more about the film here:

Thank you to all those who attended last night.

I know that Jordan truly appreciates the incredible people, donors, and supporters that surround him.

Superb job, Jordan and Michael!