Stand Up for Democracy: Demand Congress Pass the Bipartisan National Security Bills Now


The fate of Ukraine mirrors the fate of Western democracy

As the CEO of the COMMON Foundation and as a Marshall Memorial Fellow, I had the unique opportunity to travel to five European nations a few weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022. The solidarity was and remains papable. We must not abandon our brothers and sisters fighting to defend the values America has fought and died for over 250 years.

The Imperative for Action

Today, as we confront Russia’s relentless aggression against Ukraine, Iran’s destabilizing actions in the Middle East, and China’s assertiveness in the South China Sea, the imperative for all defenders of democracy to act cannot be overstated. The cost of foreign aid bills today pales compared to the price the United States and its allies would have to pay if we ignore the threat we now face on three fronts: Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Call to Action

Pick up your phone and call your Congressperson today at the Congressional Switchboard (202) 224-3121. Urge them to pass the foreign aid bills without delay.

Unity Against Autocratic Forces

We must continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia against the autocratic forces led by Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea, all of whom seek to undermine freedom and democracy both at home and abroad.

The Ongoing Threat

It has been over two years since Russia’s failed invasion of Ukraine, yet the threat to democracy persists. As Russia aligns more closely with other authoritarian regimes and intensifies its efforts to undermine democratic values globally, we must spare no effort to prevent the onset of a potential WWIII—our paramount objective: the total defeat of Russia’s aggression.

Challenges in Asia and the Middle East

Since the invasion, the landscape has only grown more ominous. China’s aggressiveness in the South China Sea, including threats to Taiwan, poses a direct challenge to regional stability and democratic values. Meanwhile, Iran’s proxies continue to sow chaos in the Middle East, undermining diplomatic efforts for peace while exacerbating the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza, where humanitarian aid is desperately needed.

The Importance of the Foreign Aid Package

The foreign aid package slated for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives this weekend is a vital step in safeguarding the shared values underpinning freedom and democracy worldwide.

Demand for Swift Action

America, along with its NATO allies and democratic partners, must maintain a united front against authoritarian regimes bent on subverting democratic governance. The House must swiftly pass the foreign aid bill, which has already garnered Senate approval before it’s too late. Please make your voice heard by contacting your representative now and demanding their support for the foreign aid package. Please let Congress know that the American people stand committed against all forms of authoritarianism.

Solidarity with Allies and Affected Peoples

We stand together against Russia’s occupation of Ukraine and its egregious violations of human rights. We stand in solidarity with the Russian people who yearn for freedom from Putin’s totalitarianism. We stand united against the Iranian regime and its proxies while extending our support to all Iranians who strive for a democratic future free from oppressive, theocratic rule. We stand with the people of Taiwan and all those who resist the yoke of autocratic, Communist one-party rule.

Action for a Better Future

Our commitment extends beyond rhetoric; it demands action. Every inch of Ukrainian territory, including Crimea, must be returned to the people of Ukraine. This war is not just Ukraine’s fight; it’s a battle for the very soul of democracy worldwide and within the United States itself. We must ensure the total defeat of Russia in Ukraine to forestall further aggression against European nations and beyond. America and its NATO allies must continue arming Ukraine and supporting allies like Israel and Taiwan while diplomatically preventing this conflict from escalating into a global catastrophe.

Our actions today will shape the future of free and open societies where democratic governance, economic freedom, and individual liberties flourish. The transatlantic relationship, forged through decades of cooperation, remains our greatest asset in securing a brighter future.

Let us not stand idly by as authoritarian forces seek to dismantle the foundations of democracy. Join me in defending the values of the Enlightenment, the principles of democracy, and the inalienable rights of all people to live in freedom and dignity.

Together, let us rally behind the passage of the foreign aid bill and demonstrate to the world that America stands at the vanguard of the fight for democratic societies.

Call to Action: Call Congress now! (202) 224-3121