Matthew King Acting Resume 2023


The stage has been my canvas, and the screen my muse. With unwavering passion, I have breathed life into diverse characters, gracing the stage, independent films, and public service announcements.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve dedicated my energy to the arts, entertainment, lectures, philanthropy, film, and theatre. From the hallowed works of Shakespeare to the introspective realms of Sartre, I have fearlessly embraced a myriad of roles, immersing myself in their complexities and bringing them to life with conviction.

Beyond my artistic endeavors, I have produced and hosted talented musicians, filmmakers, artists, performers, speakers, and comedians.

Through my creative consultancy, I have lent my expertise to shape and guide film projects, serving as a creative advisor and fiscal sponsor. My commitment to nurturing the creative spirit extends beyond these endeavors as I support and uplift the wider theatre and arts community.

I always bring my unwavering dedication and unmatched expertise to every project. Additionally, my keen eye for detail and profound understanding of the arts make me an invaluable consultant for theatre, arts, and cultural organizations seeking insight and guidance to foster creativity and excellence.


Ph.D., University of Cambridge, England

M.Phil, University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland

B.A., University of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Study Abroad, University of Edinburgh, Scotland


Capitol Hill Arts Workshop D.C., Youth Arts Program Instructor

Atlas Theatre D.C., “Joy of Motion” Summer Program Acting Instructor