International Consultant | Researcher | Writer | Futurist

I have over two decades of experience conducting research and development, leading projects, writing, and delivering strategies in the fields of environmental security and governance, conservation, social and environmental entrepreneurship, and sustainable development. My regional expertise includes the US, Latin America, and Europe.

My vision for King’s Consulting is to advance causes in ways that are effective, conscientious, and innovative by conducting empirical research and offering creative, evidence-based strategic advice to support your goals. My work is interdisciplinary, integrating both the sciences and the social sciences to reveal potential futures for clients, society, and the environment.

I conduct in-depth research, analysis, write and advise on radically different, creative, and innovative solutions for leaders in the private, government, and non-profit sectors as well as for think tanks, social enterprises, and philanthropists. Highly educated, innovative, creative, and emotionally engaged, I use higher-order critical thinking skills to offer solutions to individual, organizational, social, and environmental challenges. I answer present- and future-oriented questions that inform the development of short- and long-term goals and strategies.

Strategic Advisory Services

  • Conduct research and writing to support the development of short- and long-term strategies.
  • Complete research and analyses of primary and secondary literature.
  • Align individual and organizational goals, processes, and resource allocation with future strategies.
  • Assess current and future trends and analyze their relationship to short- and long-term strategies.
  • Conduct qualitative interviews and assess against quantitative metrics.
  • Identify current and future threats and opportunities.
  • Present findings, projections, and recommended actions.
  • Consult on the implementation of evidence-based strategies.
  • Support, facilitate, and guide senior executive decision-making processes and those implementing strategies and plans agreed.

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All philanthropic efforts of King’s Consulting are done through the COMMON Foundation which I founded in 2007. COMMON Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Boulder, Colorado.

Select Clients/Collaborators:
United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Environmental Law Institute (ELI) University of Tokyo-Armed Conflict and the Environment; IUCN Commission on Environmental Law; IUCN World Parks Congress; United States Southern Command; US Department of State; US Department of Defense; One Earth Future Foundation; Central American Commission on Environment and Development; Conservation International; US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution; NOAA; Sea Grant College Program; UN Peacebuilding Commission; Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) Armed Conflict and Management Program; US Institute for Peace; Search for Common Ground; University of Illinois; Cure Violence; University of Colorado, Boulder; Living Oceans Foundation; Kinship Foundation; SRA International; World Watch Institute; University of Zamorano, Honduras; United States Army War College; National Defense University; Alex and Ana Bogusky’s Fearless Revolution; Dragons Global Education Fund; Sidney and Phyllis Krystal Foundation; Colorado Conservation Summit; George Washington University; COMMON; Mariposa Legal; and McGill University.


I have conducted research and developed strategies for private clients on a range of global topics, producing several publications along the way that include, but are not limited to: