Ten Life Changing Goals for 2024 and Beyond

Here are my 10 goals for 2024 as I look ahead into the New Year.
1. Love. Always. Love.
2. Be. Now. Always. Center conscious awareness on being in the moment, now, right now.
3. Focus. Focus on creation – writing, painting, photographing, sculpting, acting, and creating in all possible ways.
4. Meditate. Consistently meditate to bring conscious awareness fully into this moment, always remaining mindful in any activity.
5. Give. Give compassionately in all that I do, and do it passionately.
6. Exercise. Eat Well. Consistently exercise: scuba diving, yoga, dancing, walking, hiking, skiing, biking, lifting, and strolling through nature in a way that fully brings me into my body until I am out of my mind; then eat real food, elevate the spirit, and experience bliss.
7. Be Grateful. Be grateful and aware while attempting to transcend all mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual materialism and suffering.
8. Respond. Respond to all that heals mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as to that which heals life on Earth. Don’t respond to that which doesn’t.
9. Speak Truth to Power. Empower and expand the ‘better angels of our nature’ by writing and speaking truth to power with love and compassion.
10. Let Go. Continuously and fully let go of all mental, social, spiritual, physical, or emotional constructs and attachments that inhibit me from being fully grounded in truth.
What are your goals for 2024? Feel free to share your goals in the comments. I love hearing from others.