Romance on the French Riviera: Saint-Paul de Vence, France


Saint-Paul de Vence, France: My wife and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on the French Riviera and in Paris this summer.

The experience was filled with sun, art, beaches, culture, great food, and music.

The journey was romantic, serendipitous in moments, and it was a delight to spend so much time with the love of my life and best friend as we connected with ourselves, each other, nature, and others while sharing the vibrancy of our existence together on this unique planet, Earth.

One serendipitous moment was in Saint-Paul de Vence. While strolling through the narrow streets we realized that we didn’t have many photos together. We stopped and asked someone if they’d be willing to take ours.

Not only did we get a photograph together, but we also happened to have asked a professional photographer who graciously took our photos and sent them to us this week.

Thank you, Natalie! We’re eternally grateful. Your offer to take our photo was generous but offering a free photo session was heart-opening. We have immense gratitude for the moments you’ve captured.

Stay tuned for stories and photographs.

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