My Ode to Nature: a Message of Love. {Poem}



When I think of you I’m absorbed;
Affection moves me, making me feel alive;
Always amazed by my deep appreciation for you, astonished and aroused;
Intensely fascinated and free simply because you’re so calming, you fulfill me.

With you, I’m giggly and glad, gloriously glowing;
Enjoying your good humor and gracious ways;
Gratified by passions of surrender and a happy state of mind;
Blissful, breathless, and buoyant, I become calm.

You are the carefree nature that brings me comfort;
Composed and contented by your beauty, shared so effortlessly;
Inquisitively inspired, integrated;
Invigorated, my soul, intensely.

I am interested in you;
You make me feel depth and passion
Arising only through the light of you;
I am mellow and free, light-hearted with glee.

You make me feel cool;
Curiously being dazzled by your delighted ways;
I am eager to fall into your embrace and be enveloped;
Entangled in words that will never capture your beauty.

When I am with you, I am, always;
Ecstatically magnified by your colorful and energetic presence;
Elated, encouraged, and soothed as I’m overjoyed by your presence and pleasance;
Humbled that you share your quiet radiance with me, love.

With you, I am raptured, refreshed, relieved, and satisfied;
Securely engrossed by the feeling and the thought of you;
Your simplicity and complexity breed an enlivening, enthusiastic, and exalted peace;
I am so excited that I know you; I am you.

Exhilarated, touched;
Your being expansively enveloping all that I am, the sea that I see;
Exuberant one, sensitive nature embracing all that I am;
Spellbound by the power that you have over me; I am thankful that I know you.

I am delighted in your trusted tranquility;
Life with you is wonderful;
There isn’t anything I want to feel other than how I feel when I am with you, alive;
In nature!


Author: Dr. Matthew Wilburn King

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock