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MindTravel is a musically immersive experience outdoors.

I wept three times on Monday evening. I didn’t know what to expect when I joined MindTravel with the people in this photograph at Realization Point trailhead in Boulder, Colorado.

Together, we were a group of strangers taking a unique journey that combined a hike in nature with silence, a meditative mindset, and beautifully composed music.

It was the first time I felt alone, together, with a random group of people to share a unique experience.

This is what I needed and I didn’t even know it. – Quincy Jones III, Music Producer

The Journey

As the group gathered at Realization Point, we stood in silence, listened to the instructions and then placed the headphones over our ears for the two-hour journey.

Within minutes we disappeared into a landscape of sound created by Murray Hidary, a multi-disciplinary artist, composer, fine art photographer and tech entrepreneur.

Hiddary designed MindTravel as an immersive musical experience that takes place in iconic theaters and beautiful outdoor spaces. He is currently touring the nation to bring MindTravel to the wider public. He describes his creation as:

gorgeous and provocative avant-garde real-time piano compositions, spontaneously improvised, infused with wisdom traditions, theoretical physics and the power of communal elevation.

His compositions coupled with our connection to each other and nature cracked me wide open. I wept.

I wept in the trees as I connected with my family history, the tree of life that brought to this moment of divine expression.

I wept as I moved effortlessly over stones and roots while drawing on the deep reservoirs of creative power that lay within.

I wept before the sun knowing that I must continue to let go of all that brought me here in order to forge new paths and light the way for the inner and outer journeys ahead.

This journey was free, and freeing!

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