Meet the Artist who Paints your Life to help find the Key to your Dreams


How to Ride your Spirit Animal to your Dreams: Aspen Art Festival 2017.

When Johnnie Grinder sold everything he owned, threw a saddle on his own spirit animal, the chameleon, loaded up his suitcases, and then jumped on his spirit animal to ride into his future, he couldn’t foresee the magic that would soon unfold.

After nearly two decades, he’s travelled the world and arrived at the 2017 Aspen Art Festival in Colorado to show his unique range of works.

Welcome to Johnnie’s world; a self-styled “fantasy, historical, and surreal environment artist” who creates works that bring magical surrealism into people’s lives.

He has been called the Dr. Seuss for the soul; a Willy Wonka meets Primus, and Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” on canvas.

He sees himself as “an explorer of the Tunnels of the Mind on a journey through the magical labyrinth with his sketchbook in hand and his paints in tow.

Johnnie was one of several artists with whom I spoke at the 15th Annual Downtown Aspen Art Festival, which took place the weekend of July 22nd and 23rd.

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