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I’m all about connections. Between people. With Self. Amongst Ideas.

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Matthew King, Ph.D.

I conduct research and writing for a broad range of clients. I have published academic and popular literature for the BBC, Journal of Biological Conservation, Marine Policy Journal, Earth Island Journal, World Watch Institute, U.N. Environment Program, U.N. Peacebuilding Commission, One Earth Future Foundation, U.S. Department of State, NOAA Research, Boulder, Daily Camera, Boulder Magazine, Mantra Magazine Yoga + Health, among others. I have also served as a Featured Author and Columnist with the Elephant Journal.

I was fortunate to be 1/365 Authors selected to contribute to Global Chorus: 365 Voices on the Future of the Planet alongside Dr. Jane Goodall, Nelson Mandela, The 14th Dalai Lama, Dr. Stephen Hawking, Maya Angelou, Justin Trudeau, and others.

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